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Gordon is a very proud of pulling the express. As he puffs along the mainline he thinks he’s the most important engine on the island. Unfortunately this makes the other engines not want to be around him all the time.
One evening he was at the sheds with the other engines. He had a fantastic run and was feeling extra cocky.
“Ah, it really is great to be me,” he boasted in the shed that night. All the other engines tried to ignore him, but it was not good. At last James spoke up.
“Listen Gordon, all you do is boast about how you pull the express all day while we have to pull goods trains, shunt, and...”
“Oh be quiet James,” retorted Gordon. “You only say that because you’re a small red engine and hate that sort of work. Edward butted in.
“Stop arguing both of you, Gordon, James does have a point.”
“Yeah,” agreed Henry. “All you do is pull the express, boast about it and we get sick of it.”
“You know that the trucks held me back on the hill and I fell into a field,” argued Gordon. The engines kept trying to reason with Gordon, but it was no good.
The next day Edward was shunting Gordon’s coaches into the platform because he was the only engine available. The fat controller was on the platform Edward decided to talk to him.
“Excuse me sir,” said Edward “May I tell you something?”
“Of course Edward,” smiled The Fat Controller “what’s going on?” He noticed Edward’s expression and was worried. “You look upset.”
“It’s Gordon,” replied Edward. “I think Gordon’s getting more and more ignorant, he’s making us all feel upset.”
Just then Gordon puffed in. He looked cross. He had overheard the conversation, but acted like he didn’t. Edward then puffed away for his goods train and The Fat Controller got in the train as Gordon backed down onto the train. Gordon puffed away still cross. When he approached the station he was fuming.
“Can’t believe it,” Gordon grumbled. “First I get told what to do at the sheds and now Edward telling The Fat Controller.
“Well he does have a point,” said a voice. It was The Fat Controller. “I am not happy with you, your boasting has made my engines not happy with you.”
“Yes sir, sorry sir,” sighed Gordon.
“You will handle trucks until I say otherwise,” said The Fat Controller. “We need a strong engine like you anyway, maybe it will teach you a thing or two.”
  Gordon puffed away grumpily. Later at the yards the trucks teased Gordon.
“Oh dear Gordon, such a shame you’re here.” Said one of the trucks. The other trucks laughed while Gordon seethed with fury. It didn’t help that Percy was passing by chuckling. Gordon shunted trucks for a goods train he had to take to the harbor.
“Disgraceful,” he muttered. He soon was off. The big engine grumbled as he puffed through the countryside. Henry was pulling the express and when he saw he laughed. Gordon got even more furious. As he got to the harbor he was really upset.
“I’ll show that Fat Controller,” Gordon muttered. He was so cross he didn’t realize the buffers were behind him. He accidently bumped his trucks into the buffers and his trucks rolled onto the ballast.
“Oh no,” said Gordon in shock. He was sorry at once. For the rest of the day Gordon tried to take extra care when shunting the trucks. The trucks kept teasing him, but Gordon managed to keep them silent. Later that evening the Fat Controller came to see him at the sheds.
“Gordon, due to how your behavior was this morning you shall pull trucks for the rest of the week, but I am willing to let you pull stopping trains with coaches until I can see change this week.” Said The Fat Controller. Gordon understood. He had a lot to think about.
This is an episode Idea I had and decided to upload it. PLEASE DO NOT  use this episode without permission from me. If you would like to ask permission please Pm me.

If I do give permission you can upload your video to YouTube or any other friendly video site. Just remember to give me credit If I do give permission.
Gyassman Featured By Owner Edited Mar 21, 2017
Hopefully Gordon will change his attitude soon.
Great episode btw.
demarm1youtube Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017
I must not say, or I might spoil the next story. Also thanks.
ChipmunkRaccoonOz Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Serves Gordon right.
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